Women’s Bean Project is teaching women the skills to work

Tamra Ryan is the CEO of Women’s Bean Project, an organisation that hires chronically unemployed women and teaches them to work. During seven months in the program, the women spend much of their time making nourishing products, or working on the production floor, in shipping and receiving, or the retail store. The rest is spent on literacy training, job skills, parenting and budgeting skills, and computer basics. Through the organisation, the women learn to stand tall, find their purpose and

Pablo & Rusty’s Saxon Wright: Taking on the single-use world

Saxon Wright is driven by passion, science and a will to eradicate single-use disposables in the coffee industry. After opening Pablo & Rusty’s in 2003 and seeing first-hand the full spectrum of the coffee supply chain – from the farm through to the end consumer – Saxon set an objective: What would it look like to create zero waste through the whole supply chain? From this initial thought came Huskee, a sustainable alternative to single-use takeaway cups.

Coffee Activism Part One: Standing Up for a Better Industry Future

It is no new fact that sexual harassment and discrimination exist across all industry sectors. It is also no new fact that the perpetrators leading the pact of exclusivity tend to get away retribution-free, as a result of ingrained ideas and traditional justice systems—or lack of. The specialty coffee industry is no exception. But what does make the industry different are the people behind the machines who are challenging the status quo to ensure individuals feel safe and heard.

SOLO #4 - The perfect match

In 2017 market research firm, Mintel reported that plant-based milk sales increased by 30% since 2015 – reaching a total of £367 million. Additionally, the Mordor Intelligence report Europe Dairy Alternative Market – Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2018-2023) indicated that the European dairy alternative market is anticipated to register an annual growth rate of 14.5%, during the forecast period, 2018-2023. All this makes one thing clear, consumer preferences have shifted.
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